The Relationship between Professional Burnout and Management Competencies: The Case of Social Pedagogues in Lithuania

Liudmila Rupšienė, Audra Skukauskaitė, Ingrida Baranauskienė, Lina Tiškuvienė


In this paper we examine relationships between teacher burnout and their management competencies and address the calls to expand individual-focused burnout theories by including other factors. We focus on educators called “social pedagogues” in Lithuania. Because this profession includes teaching and social work responsibilities, the case Lithuanian social pedagogues can expand theoretical and practical understandings of supporting varied teacher educational roles and responsibilities. 103 randomly selected Lithuanian social pedagogues were asked to complete a burnout and management competency scales. Correlational analyses revealed the existence between burnout and management competencies, particularly impacting burnout in the personal accomplishment dimension. Analyses suggest that the burnout problem may in part be addressed by providing educators with management training.

Keywords: professional burnout, management competencies, social pedagogues.

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